Ecological Restoration Strategies in Fragile Subtropical Mountain Ecosystems in China Based on Long-term Research in Changting County

  • Research Center of Natural Resources, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou 350007, China

Received date: 2014-04-30

  Revised date: 2015-02-28

  Online published: 2015-05-22

Supported by

Fujian Major Science and Technology Foundation Programme (2001Z155).


Changting County is located in western Fujian province. Natural, social and economic aspects of ecological restoration were studied in this area from 2000 to 2011, and the results are widely representative of subtropical mountain ecosystem fragility across China. Great attention should be paid to the application of system theory and the harmony of human-nature relationships. This paper aims to provide the scientific theory to support strategies known as ‘harmony of man with nature’, which means exerting natural regenesis potential by following natural law, transferring runoff from harm to benefit by operating on the ground and making material and economic virtuous circles in land utilization by arousing human initiatives. It is necessary to transform ideas, tactics and technology and break technological bottlenecks, space limitations and systemic obstacles.

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ZHU Hejian . Ecological Restoration Strategies in Fragile Subtropical Mountain Ecosystems in China Based on Long-term Research in Changting County[J]. Journal of Resources and Ecology, 2015 , 6(3) : 139 -145 . DOI: 10.5814/j.issn.1674-764x.2015.03.002


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