Karst Ecosystem

Karst Ecosystem: An Ecosystem on Carbonate Rocks

  • LI Wenhua, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Resources and Ecology CAO Jianhua, Executive Deputy Director of International Research Center on Karst, UNESCO

Online published: 2015-07-30


Karst ecosystem is an ecosystem constrained by karst environment. A series of unique characteristics of karst ecosystem are originated from carbonate rock. In China, the area with karst landform covers a total area of 3.44 million km2, accounting for one third of the whole land area of the country. The bare karst terrain covers an area of 907 000 km2, which mainly distributed in southern of China, with Guizhou Province as the center, and about 40% of the poverty-stricken people live there. During the period of the 11th-Five-Year Plan (2006–2010) and the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011–2015), the national program of “Integrated Control of Rocky Desertification in Karst” has been implemented in this region.

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LI Wenhua, CAO Jianhua . Karst Ecosystem: An Ecosystem on Carbonate Rocks[J]. Journal of Resources and Ecology, 2015 , 6(4) : 197 -198 . DOI: 10.5814/j.issn.1674-764x.2015.04.001